Thursday, 4 June 2015

Daddy is on the phone.

A telephone conversation with my husband Scott earlier today:

Me:  'Hi darling, how was your day?'

Husband:  'Err, not too bad, you?'

Me:  'Yes Great! Really lovely thanks.'  (In the background Lil man can be heard shouting 'Mummy MUMMMY MUUUMMMY MUUUUMMMYYYYYYYYYYY!!').

(MissChief is putting her toy baby in the oven and trying to turn the gas on).

Me:  'Soooo are you on your way home? Or are you stuck in traffic?' (Voice sounding increasingly hysterical)

Husband:  'I’m NOT on my way home Lydia …'

Me:  'Oh no! Why not?? Everything OK???'

Husband:  'Yes, its fine … but it's ONLY 10.30 AM.'

Me:  'Right …So you aren't coming home then?'

Husband:  'No Lydia'

Me:  Mumble something about being a single parent and hang up.

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