Wednesday, 4 November 2015

I dont want to play anymore

'Let me go over this one more time.   THIS is the car section, ok? Ok. Hang on a minute that’s a tractor? The farm area is over there, do you see where I lovingly placed all the farm animals, into neat little groups for you to play with? I know they are going for a lovely drive, but they are on the train track. WHY ARE YOU BREAKING UP MY TRAIN TRACK?? Well yes, of course TECHNICALLY it’s your train track but I’m the one that has spent twenty minutes building it. Don’t you think it would be more sensible if the Lego men were on the train (breath …count to 10 …) INSTEAD OF ON MY TRAIN TRACK?!!!!'
My three year old: 'Mummy, do you need a Time Out?'

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