Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Christmas. Im SO on it!

I plead with my little girl ‘We are going to be late for School. Can you PLEASE for the love of St Nicholas. EAT YOUR BREAKFAST!’

But Mummyyy I’m writing words with my bwekfast, on the table! Look

C.. B.. A spells …

CAT!’ My son shouts.

Seriously?? He’s clearly not paying attention during his Phonics lessons.

‘That is the LAST time I buy you Alphabites!’

Mummy I don’t have any School shoes cos we left them in daddy’s car’.

'What? They are where?!'

‘It’s ok!!!! I can wear my shark slippers!’

My phone pings to tell me I’ve yet another What’s App message from my Sons class group.

‘Don’t forget your painted green cut out hand prints for our Xmas display for the teachers’.

I may die of stress.

‘Kids quick get the green paint out! Hurry hurry!’ They can’t believe their ears.  My Sons face lights up. ‘Are we making our Christmas cards like James Mummy did? Because they must be in TODAY to go in the very special postbox in our class room?'

F*** it. I really need to look at Parent mail.

That also reminds me that I need to buy Christmas cards (And write them as if my Children did it) … Arggghhh where is that form I need to sign for the theatre show too? Breeeathe ...

Oh, and I need to get cash out to hand to the class rep for the teacher present, and pay for the theatre trip …  and buy a present for preschool teachers. Do they have to wear Christmas jumpers today?!

Class Rep. I bow down to your superior organisational skills. This time of year, really doesn’t appeal to my strengths at all.


‘Darling I’m so sorry work emergency I can't get to Christmas Concert this morning xxx

I lay my head down on the kitchen table.

My kids Christmas concerts are on at THE SAME TIME in two different places. 

Right which child is my favourite?


‘Yes Mummy?’ They answer sweetly.



  1. And there was I thinking it got easier as they got older! Clearly I was mistaken! Hope you had a good Christmas and thanks for linking with #SchoolsOut

  2. Haha, oh dear. I have a three year old and the idea of getting him to school five days a week sounds like hell let alone if you have to remember other stuff too!! Hope you enjoyed whichever concert you made it too. #SchoolsOut

    1. It has its perks!! Like 5 hours of childcare. Infact just one week into the holidays and I'm ready to send them back. Haha x

    2. It has its perks!! Like 5 hours of childcare. Infact just one week into the holidays and I'm ready to send them back. Haha x

  3. Oh bless you! School is nuts this time of the year isn't it? Hope the green paint washed out ok #SchoolsOut x

  4. Ha ha - the 'which one is favourite?' question made me laugh! #schoolsout x

  5. Oh this did make me laugh because it could ME! I am so disorganised when it comes to Christmas. So much so that this year I declared we were going away this Christmas! Thanks for joining us at #FridayFrolics

  6. School social life is hectic. My youngest has just started playgroup next to my eldest's school. Due to after school clubs etc, on a Monday I now find myself walking to and from the school 4 times!!! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

  7. Haha - I don't even have school to contend with yet & this is still me! Thanks so much for joining us for #FridayFrolics

  8. That's exactly why I don't subscribe to those parent apps from my kids' classes! Who needs the stress??